Graveney schools face big funding cuts

Schools in Graveney Ward face massive cuts if the Government goes ahead with its so-called ‘Fairer Funding’ formula. Figures produced by the NUT and the ATL show increased costs and a policy of moving money away from London schools will see a loss of £941,176 across Graveney Ward’s four schools by 2020. This means that there will be less money for teachers and resources and class sizes are likely to rise.

  • Sellincourt Primary  – Cut £273,438
  • St Boniface Primary – Cut £215,929
  • Tooting Primary – Cut £148,028
  • Franciscan Primary – Cut £339,781

Cllr. Andy Gibbons said: ‘We want to see all schools funded fairly – but this should be a levelling up, not a levelling down. These cuts put the improvements in our local schools at risk.’

More information and how you can campaign against the cuts can be found at: School Cuts






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