Tooting CARAS project supports young refugees

CARAS is a community outreach charity based in Tooting. It supports people of refugee and asylum-seeking background who live in South-West London.

Wandsworth Council, supported by local Councillors, has funded a youth club which runs every week during term times. Each week there are games, social activities, cooking and a shared meal.

Caras  youth club is a place at which young people can increase their confidence, explore their educational options, and ask for support with a wide range of skills. Volunteers have been able to support people with homework, presentations, and CV writing, all of which will lead to better outcomes for them.

Caras has been actively developing ways to welcome, include and integrate young people from a wide range of countries who speak a variety of languages.  Its Youth Council has been actively taking the lead, using their influence to help people recognise the importance of feeling included, especially for those who are newly arrived.

Cllr. Andy Gibbons said ‘Following the recent horrific attack on a young asylum seeker in Croydon, it is heartening to see our community welcoming and providing support for children who have been through traumatic experiences in their own country.’

You can find out more about CARAS here: CARAS


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