Meet your Graveney Labour Council Team for Wandsworth 2018

Graveney has selected its Labour Team for the 2018 Council elections. The new members will work alongside our Labour Councillors, Andy Gibbons, Rex Osborn and Alaina MacDonald.

Kemi Akinola
I’ve been a Tooting-Graveney resident since I was 10 and now run a charity, Be Enriched. Our Graveney Canteen connects local people over a free community meal using surplus supermarket food and through community initiatives.

I’m passionate about reducing health inequalities and improving wellbeing, dedicating my time working with our elderly and homeless in Tooting and Battersea.

I believe that together we can improve health outcomes for evryone, so I will be advocating this change in a Labour Wandsworth by encouraging healthy eating and affordable sports and leisure for all.

Kate Forbes
In 2014 I moved to Tooting to start a job with Citizens Advice before moving to work for a Member of Parliament. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with our local area.

I’m a renter in the private sector – it’s tough, that’s why I want us to be building genuinely affordable homes. It’s not right that people who consider Tooting their home are being priced out of the area they love.

We need a Labour-run Wandsworth so we can get building good quality, genuinely affordable homes for local people to buy and rent, and protect the rights of tenants in the private sector.

Andy Gibbons
I have been a councillor in Tooting Graveney Ward for 23 years and have brought up my family here. I’ve seen the area change a lot over that time, with new bars and restaurants opening. But the area has always retained its strong sense of a diverse community. I’ve worked for development of the area which keeps Tooting’s vibrancy but gives us the new facilities we need.

The Tory council has let us down by allowing flytipping and road repairs get out of hand. As a teacher and a parent I see first-hand the effect of Tory cuts to schools with a narrower curriculum, fewer teachers and a lack of resources.

I want a Labour Wandsworth that is on the side of residents and will stand up to Government cuts.


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