Graveney Councillors Back The London National Park City

Today London came a step closer to becoming the world’s first National Park City  – and your Graveney Councillors were amongst the 1000 local politicians who helped get the project off the ground. The project is also backed by Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Leonie Cooper, our Wandsworth and Merton Assembly Member. The London Park City will:

  • Connect more people to nature and the outdoors, improving health, well-being and social cohesion
  • Create more high quality green and blue space, making London over 50% green and blue, delivering;
  • Promote the identity of London as the world’s first National Park City, helping residents and visitors to appreciate its value and potential for a rich cultural life anchored in its outdoor heritage; and;
  • Link people to the national and international family of national parks and other protected areas.

London is set to become the world’s first National Park City in 2019. The city will be greener, with a greater diversity of natural wild spaces, improving air quality and the standards of everyday life for residents and visitors. More children – and adults – will enjoy play, recreational and learning experiences outdoors, with a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Communities will plan and create greener and bluer neighbourhoods, connecting with each other and with where they live, work and play. More planted and green space will reduce flood risk and increase resilience, as well as enhancing its biodiversity

Visitors and residents will make use of a network of existing and new community groups and businesses, which provide exciting and diverse outdoors activities and experiences, enabling citizens to experience the natural world more easily and fully.

Kemi Akinola from Graveney’s Labour team for the 2018 Council elections said:  ‘Green space is a vital resource for Londoners – it contributes to making people happier and healthier. A Labour Wandsworth will be committed to making sure we are a green Borough.’


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